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Invest in Gold Today - Five Great Reasons to Buy Gold Bullion Bars

By Michiel Van Kets

If you're wondering where to put your money in these uncertain times, the answer's easy - buy gold bullion bars. Investing in gold is one of the smartest ways to prosper in today's economy and acquiring bullion bars is the best way to acquire the yellow metal.

Historically gold has always been a winner in the wealth stakes. It's the oldest form of financial exchange and has long stood the test of time. Whole civilizations have been built on gold and today it is more important than ever. If you're thinking about acquiring gold for your portfolio or just as security for the future, here are five great reasons why gold is such a fine investment.

Firstly, gold is the ultimate inflation buster. It's no surprise that the price of gold soars when investors fear inflation. With the world's central banks inflating the economy by pumping money in, savvy economists are predicting inflation coming soon. And if that happens, the value of your cash holdings will slump so you clearly need to do something.

Including gold in your investment portfolio will go a long way towards hedging against inflation. And having those yellow bars at home will help you feel more secure in difficult times.

The next great advantage of gold is its liquidity. You'll never have a problem either buying or selling your gold. The gold market is global with 24-hour trading and a vast range of buyers ranging from the jewellery sector to financial institutions to industrial manufacturers. This means you're always assured of a market for your gold wherever you are.

Demand for : gold is rising while at the same time, world gold production is flat or falling meaning a limited supply. Add to this the perennial demand from investors and jewelry makers and you have a commodity that will never lose its value.

However to ensure this liquidity, you need to acquire gold of certified quality and quantity such as gold bullion bars. If you obtain gold in the form of jewellery, the actual value of the gold will be far less than you paid as a certain sum is factored in for design and craftsmanship. Buy gold bullion bars and get all the security of a property investment coupled with perfect liquidity.

Allied to this liquidity is the fact that the gold market is a transparent one with clear prices always available. The gold price is fixed twice a day at 10.30 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. at the London offices of N M Rothschild by the five main Bullion Houses - : NM Rothschild, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, ScotiaMocatta and Societe Generale. This means you can always find out the current price of gold online or in the newspaper.

In addition, buying gold bullion bars is suitable for investors of all types. Invest grade bullion bars come in .999 fine gold come in sizes ranging from 2.5 grams up to one kilo. Sizes are available for all budgets and can be incorporated into all types of portfolios. Another great incentive is that there is no longer any VAT on investment gold coins or gold bullion bars bought in the UK and the EU.

Finally, gold is universally accepted as a medium of exchange. Wherever you go in the world, gold is accepted as a medium of value. Whether in the souks of Bahrain or the boulevards of Paris, you can find someone who will accept your gold at its true value.

You can invest in gold in a variety of ways such as mining shares, gold futures, exchange-traded funds and various other derivative forms. Gold coins are another option but they tend to incur higher premiums. This means that when you come to sell them, you get less back.

But by acquiring the real yellow metal in the form of gold bullion bars, you'll have total liquidity as well as the aesthetic pleasure of owning an object of classic beauty.

If you want to buy gold bullion bars in the UK, nothing could be easier. You can simply order online or over the telephone and the bullion bars will be delivered to your home and you'll be a proud investor in gold.

About the Author: Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Bullion by Post, buy gold ( ) and silver bullion bars at trade prices. The Buy gold bullion bars ( ) at real time spot based pricing.

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